Insurance News Archive 2014

Welcome to the car insurance and travel insurance news archive from Swiftcover. Here you will find insurance related news stories from 2014.

  • The new homes you can design and download from the internet 22 October 2014 It's not quite Tron, but WikiHouse 4.0 is an intriguing crossover between the digital and physical worlds, built and exhibited as part of the London Design Festival 2014. And it's a huge step forward...
  • 5 Reasons the new Batmobile is Just the Worst 26 September 2014 Twitter exploded when Zack Snyder tweeted a picture of the new Batmobile from his forthcoming film, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. But as car insurance experts, we have a few reservations we'd...
  • Top 6 Uninsurable (fictional) Homeowners 04 August 2014 Comedy capers are all well and good on the silver screen, but when reality bites, we're confident these characters would find themselves in a pretty sticky situation.
  • New Driver ID Tech Tackles Car Hackers 23 July 2014 Traditionally, car criminals would at least have to smash windows and pick locks to steal your vehicle. Today, however, around 50% of all car thefts in the UK are assisted by electronic devices.
  • Government Stepping up its 'self-build revolution' 12 June 2014 The housing market might be booming at the moment, but according to the latest figures, the number of Brits choosing to build their own properties has fallen by more than a fifth since 2010.
  • Shoddy Builders Cost Homeowners Billions 08 May 2014 A recent survey has found that homeowners spent an astonishing £1.9 billion on repairing the work of incompetent tradesman between March 2013 and March 2014 alone.
  • Brits Begin £79bn DIY Spree 22 April 2014 A delightful combination of the warming weather and Easter Bank holiday have provided the first real chance for Brits to get their teeth stuck into some home improvements.
  • Dodgy Electronics Causing More Breakdowns 31 March 2014 The Luddites have been predicting it for years, and finally it's happened: increasingly complicated electronics are now among the most common cause of breakdowns.
  • Is Energy Efficiency the Key to a Quick Sale? 17 February 2014 New research has suggested that houses with a high Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating are selling faster than they were three years ago.
  • Fridge Caught Sending Spam 30 January 2014 The home technology market is reaching a boiling point, with the recent CES 2014 event giving us a flavour of how new innovations will soon be infiltrating every aspect of our lives.

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