5 Reasons the new Batmobile is Just the Worst

Friday, 26 September 2014

Twitter exploded when Zack Snyder tweeted a picture of the new Batmobile from his forthcoming film, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. But as car insurance experts, we have a few reservations we'd like to voice.

1. There are no wing mirrors

We understand that someone as busy as Batman is more likely to be chasing villains than worrying about the chaos he’s leaving in his wake, but what about the possibility of cyclists in his blind spot? We’d always advise drivers to remember, ‘mirror, signal, manoeuvre’, but in this case that might prove difficult. Worse still, who will believe the poor cyclist when he puts in a claim for being hit by the Batmobile? Clearly, somebody hasn’t thought these things through.

2. There appears to be a machine gun turret on the bonnet

We might be UK based, but we're pretty sure that bonnet-mounted machine guns are frowned upon in Gotham City. Even if the hero were able to get away with breaching firearms laws, that turret is still severely obstructing the view from the windscreen. Speaking of which...

3. The windscreen restricts visibility

So we’ll admit that high powered weapons might be essential for full time crime-fighting vigilantes, but did they have to make the windscreen so small? And did it need to be tinted? Gotham is always so gloomy, and with Batman doing much of his work at night, it’s not entirely practical.

4. The lights are too small

We hope the streetlamps in Gotham are well maintained, because the Batmobile’s headlights are unlikely to pass their next MOT. Even on full beam, we doubt they’d improve visibility too much, particularly as they're mounted on the wheel arches, restricting the spill of light onto the road.

5. There doesn't seem to be a crumple zone

With all of these issues, you'd hope the safety features would be top notch. But we don’t seem to be able to locate an effective crumple zone. We can only hope there's a solid roll cage and some high performance airbags protecting the Caped Crusader if he gets himself into a scrape.

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