Car Insurance: Younger drivers 'think they know more'

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Young drivers should accept that they are not experienced simply because they have passed their test, according to one expert.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists' Sue Whitcher told the Daily Echo as part of its Too Young to Die initiative that aggressive driving is built into youth culture.

"These days any car is powerful but young people show bravado when with their friends and put their foot down. It's a cultural thing ... I also suspect that part of the problem is that they are also rejecting their parents' attitudes," she remarked to the paper.

She added that when she herself passed her driving test the roads were not as busy and more practice was available during lessons.

Moreover, cars are easier to purchase in the modern world, she stated, as they can be accessed on finance.

Drivers involved in collisions could find that their car insurance premiums are negatively affected.

Police in Lancashire have stated that 710 youngsters in the area were stopped because of alcohol related incidents in a recent operation.

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