Motor insurance: Ban on camera tampering called for

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Fresh laws could be introduced banning the use of technology that can damage the effectiveness of speed cameras.

Government officials want to change regulations that could mean jamming equipment is no longer legal, reports the Sunday Mirror.

However, any ban on such products would probably not extend to satellite navigation (satnav) systems that can detect speed cameras in the UK.

The Department of Transport noted that these will not be part of the developments but camera-disabling tools will be.

A spokesman claimed: "This is not about banning satnav devices. But we do want to tackle devices which are used to interfere with cameras."

Motoring groups and the government are set to look at what products will be included in the initiative, transport minister Jim Fitzpatrick added.

This week it was revealed by the Argus that over £4 million has been generated by speed cameras in Sussex.

Campaigners said that the cameras are merely being used by the authorities to create cash and not to improve safety.

Drivers caught speeding may find that their car insurance premiums are negatively impacted upon.

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