Car insurance: Anti drink-driving campaign launched

Tuesday, 02 June 2009

Motorists who do not want to do anything to jeopardise their budget car insurance cover may do well to heed a government warning.

The Department for Transport has launched a Think! campaign to remind drivers of the dangers of getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

It advised road users that police across the UK will also be using new digital breath testing devices in a bid to catch people who defy the law.

Road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick acknowledged the temptation to drink-drive can be greater in the summer months.

However, he urged motorists to consider the potential consequences of their actions.

"Drink-driving is not just a problem at Christmas - each summer almost 200 people don't make it home to their families because of drink driving," Mr Fitzpatrick pointed out.

Individuals who are found to be over the limit while in control of a vehicle could receive a ban and may well struggle to secure low cost motor insurance when they are allowed to get back behind the wheel.

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