Top Apps For Drivers

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Whether you're a certifiable petrol-head or simply an everyday driver looking for the easy life, the following nifty apps - compatible with Apple's iOS devices - could help to give you a smoother ride.

Car Spotter

(£0.69 - available for iPhone)

This app is a stroke of genius, bringing an end to the age old question, “where did I park my car?”. After you have parked your car, the app will tag your location and provide you with directions to help you find even the most elusive vehicle, making it one to put on the wish list for the more forgetful drivers out there.

Dynolicious Classic

(£2.99 - compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)

If you’ve ever wanted to know how much G-Force you rack up in your car, then look no further than Dynolicious Classic. This clever app uses your iPhone’s built in accelerometer to give you pretty accurate statistics about your car’s performance, including 0-60 times, skid statistics and yes, even G-Force - though in the interests of protecting the no claims bonus on your car insurance, it's probably best to save this app for a track day at Silverstone!

Hypermiling MPG Calculator

(Free - compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)

This smart MPG calculator gives you a good idea of exactly how much you’re spending on fuel, offering you real time statistics on your MPG usage, as well as an estimated cost per mile calculation - you can even tweet your results, although we’re not quite sure why you would! If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint or just want to see your car’s optimum fuel consumption speed, this could be the app for you.


(Free - compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)

Take the hassle out of pay and display with this practical app from BMW, which is designed to tackle the persistent problem of expired parking tickets. You can input the expiry time on your parking ticket, as well as the errands you're planning to run and your walking speed, and the app will take all of this into consideration to send you a prompt reminder that gives you plenty of time to get back to your vehicle before your ticket expires. Easy!

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