An average driver clocks up 269,296 miles over the years

Thursday, 31 January 2013

If you were to tot-up every mile you've ever driven, every time you would ever re-fill your windscreen fluid and every time you would ever pull in at a petrol station, what sort of numbers do you think you'd end up with?

Any car insurance holders curious in this regard won't have to wonder much longer, because one organisation recently created an overview of an average diver's lifetime stats.

And the Skobbler data, based on a survey of some 2,000 motorists, makes mind-bending reading.

For example, did you know that if you drove an average driver's total lifetime distance, you'd have clocked up a massive 269,269 miles?

And an average driver takes in 99 days worth of traffic jams – 9,594 of the things, to be precise.

As well as replacing the windscreen wash 185 times, and going to petrol stations 2,214 times, they'll have owned 18 cars over the years, in which they will have played 384 days of radio and 337 days of music.

However, the stats suggest that speeding is unfortunately fairly common, with an average driver going over the limit on 19,379 occasions through the life.

They will have got 51 speeding tickets for this – hopefully discouraging them from the potentially dangerous activity.

"There is no excuse for behaviour such as jumping red lights, tailgating fellow motorists or cutting people up," reminded Skobbler's Marcus Thielking.

The average driver goes through 87 red lights, tailgates on 138 occasions and will have cut other drivers up 95 times.

"Being a motorist involves a lot more than just driving and whilst we all try to be sensible drivers it would seem we are all guilty of a few misdemeanours, whether it’s speeding or using our phones illegally," Mr Thielking added.

The stats assumed that a lifetime's motoring would take up 61.5 years. One thing they didn’t cover was the number of occasions on which people would renew their car insurance in this time – but of course, that is one motoring-related activity that is truly essential.

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