Bald tyres could mean claims get denied

Monday, 03 October 2011

Bald tyres could lead to policy claims being denied if people have an accident, according to research by

The website's report revealed that car insurance policyholders could see a claim on their cover pushed aside if they fail to take proper care of their wheels.

On top of this, having a bald tyre could lead to a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points on their licence.

However, the study revealed that over 50 per cent of drivers did not know what the correct tread depth is for their wheels, which is 1.6mm.

Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at, said: "If the police stop someone with an illegal tyre they will be fined up to £2,500 for each illegal tyre.

"If someone is in a crash and their tyres are below the legal tread limit, a fine can be issued, causing their insurance to be denied."

With the winter weather on the way, advised car insurance customers to make sure their wheels were safe for potentially treacherous road conditions.

Posted by Rick Malone

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