Bank holidays prompt "next day" drink driving advice

Friday, 01 June 2012

The Bank Holiday weekend that we've all been waiting for so patiently will mean that a lot of road users drink too much to be able to drive legally the following day, the IAM and AlcoSense have reminded motorists.

They report 2010 figures showing that a, perhaps surprising, 18 per cent of the accidents that happened as a result of driving after drink took place early on in the day.

"Enjoy a drink this summer, but don’t mix it with driving. And bear in mind that while you may not feel the effects the next day, your blood alcohol level could still be above the drink drive limit," said Simon Best of the IAM.

It doesn't always take very much drink to cause a risk of problems for car insurance holders the following day.

Motorists taking to the road having had a drink the previous night have run into trouble with the law for drink driving even after just three drinks, IAM and AlcoSense say.

"80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood" is the UK's drink drive threshold, according to the Drinkaware website.

Posted by Noel Martin.

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