Car insurance: Betsie is most popular car name

Tuesday, 07 November 2006

The most recent joke about women drivers is the fact that they treat their cars like a pet, according to latest research.

A report by an online insurer has found that one in 20 women give their cars a name compared to only one in ten male drivers. The names vary from plumy Henry for posher models to the more colloquial Babe.

Over 4,000 car owners were surveyed and more than half admitted that they perceive their motor to personify a certain gender.

Paul Purdy, who compiled the research, had some interesting insights into car psychology: "To many people car ownership is similar to owning a pet. Giving the vehicle a name somehow makes it seem more human.

"People often develop loving relationships with their cars and many attach human qualities to them."

Indeed some 50 per cent thought of their cars as feminine.

Motorists are reminded that cars are not actually people and as such require a cheap car insurance policy should accidents occur.

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