Car insurance: 'Blokey garages' put off women

Friday, 10 November 2006

Women are frightened of car garages because they are too "blokey" and carry on driving vehicles in dangerous states of disrepair, according to a new report.

Girls and Garages, a report written by Sheila's Wheels Insurance firm, found that 30 per cent of women drive unroadworthy cars because they are put off from visiting garages.

Some 12 per cent of women ask someone else to take their car to the garage for them because they found the atmosphere intimidating.

Jacky Brown, spokesperson for Sheila's Wheels, said: "It's astounding that so many women motorists are potentially putting their lives on the line by driving around in cars that they know have a fault, just to avoid visiting a garage.

"With over 14 million female drivers behind the wheel on UK roads, it makes sense that their specific needs are met."

Women can sometimes get a discount off their already cheap car insurance just by virtue of their gender. Research shows that women are, on the whole, safer drivers than men.

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