Car insurance: Boy racer statistics 'chilling'

Thursday, 09 November 2006

Over a third of young people admit to being part of the UK boy racer culture, according to a new study.

A survey, conducted by road safety group Brake, discovered that 32 per cent of almost 4,500 young adults admit to driving or being a passenger in a speeding car. It is estimated that such 'boy racer' style driving could be responsible for hourly deaths and injuries throughout the UK as well as adding to the growing cost of car insurance premiums for all motorists.

Cathy Keeler, head of campaigns at Brake, said: "It is a national tragedy that so many of our young drivers are killing and seriously injuring themselves and others on our roads - and an outrage that more is not being done to address this carnage."

Brake is calling for the government to support the introduction of greater restrictions on newly qualified drivers in order to help reduce the number of accidents involving inexperienced motorists. In 2005, a total of 846 drivers, passengers and cyclists aged between 15 and 25 were killed, while a further 7,362 suffered serious injuries.

One possible scheme to help reduce night-time accidents could involve car insurance providers reducing premiums for younger drivers who agree to only drive during limited daylight hours.

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