Car insurance: British roads reach "melting point"

Tuesday, 02 June 2009

More motorists may end up having to make car insurance claims as a result of poorly-maintained roads, if the comments of one campaign group are anything to go by.

According to, the state of highways and byways up and down the UK has reached "melting point".

Spokesman Duncan McClure commented: "I think we're all fed up of seeing pathetically-repaired holes as part of the patch and mend policy."

This comes after it was revealed one village in Somerset got so sick of the condition of its roads that it decided to do something about it.

Residents in North Curry took pictures of potholes in the area and compiled a 12-page dossier - which was handed to the local county council.

Mr McClure praised the villagers' actions and said he hoped it would spur other communities into taking a stand.

Vehicle owners concerned their cars may have sustained damage as a result of potholes may find booking their auto in for servicing can prevent a minor issue from developing into the kind of problem that could cause an accident.

In turn, this could help them protect their low cost motor insurance premiums.

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