Car insurance: Brits committed to the car

Thursday, 31 August 2006

Around 15 million British drivers say they are entirely reliant on their cars owing to a lack of transport links, a new poll has revealed.

The survey conducted by leading motor and cheap car insurance provider showed less than ten per cent of parents felt they had a credible public transport alternative to driving their children to school.

In total, three million drivers refuse to give up their car, with chief executive officer Andrew Blowers expressing surprise at the lack of options available to drivers.

"It seems to be that many millions of the nation’s motorists believe they have no alternative to their cars," he commented.

"It is especially surprising that less than one in ten parents believe they could use public transport to get their kids to school. Either the alternative doesn’t exist or local authorities need to do more to promote the alternatives – because clearly the nation does not see any other option than jumping in the car."

One quarter of the UK’s greenhouse emissions are caused by motorists but despite this car use in Britain is still on the increase.

According to the newly appointed public health minister, Caroline Flint, most car journeys are unnecessary with approximately one in five journeys still under a mile.

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