Travel insurance: Golden oldies 'love holiday flings'

Wednesday, 01 November 2006

Holiday romances are all too easy when you are surrounded by sun, sea and sand, but for one in ten Brits the romance is still alive when back on Blighty's shores.

It seems that when packing for their holidays, British holidaymakers aren't just thinking about cheap travel insurance.

According to Saga Travel nearly 10.5 million Brits have had a holiday fling and one in five of these summer lovers are over 50-years-old.

Some 22 per cent of over-50s who meet their dreamboats abroad end up marrying them, showing that holiday flings can blossom into real love.

When it comes to promising destinations it would seem that Spain is the best bet for those seeking love, 35 per cent of the holiday romances discussed in the survey happened in the sunny setting while Italy is still a very good choice.

Those not wanting to cast their nets too wide will be pleased to hear that two-thirds of the over-50s admitted to having their fling with a person from the UK and fellow Brits were much more popular than the Germans, French and Italians.

If you decide to embark on a holiday fling then make sure he/she knows that this is all it will be and this way you will avoid over-involvement and painful break-ups.

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