Car insurance: Summer warning for British drivers

Monday, 07 August 2006

British drivers are being warned about the dangers of summer driving with a series of hints and tips for those long car journeys from the evecars website

The summer brings with it more cars on the road and a greater likelihood of accidents and car insurance claims.

Evecars warns drivers to ensure that children are occupied in the back of the car as impatient kids can lead to lapses in driver concentration and more accidents on the road.

Simple additions to the car such as a game of I-Spy or a portable DVD player to entertain children could help reduce the likelihood of an accident and having to make a claim on the car insurance.

The website also gives advice about what to do when you break down on a motorway. It recommends that once on the hard shoulder you put hazard lights on immediately, get out of the car by the passenger door and move on to a verge or a field.

It is much more likely that your car gets hit by another when you break down rather than it getting stolen, say experts, who advise drivers to make sure they have covered themselves with quality car insurance keep their car a safe distance from the carriageway.

It is also recommended that journeys are planned well before departing.

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