Motor insurance: Brits lose 812,500 gallons of fuel

Monday, 09 July 2007

Motorists who take a wrong turn, or misread a map and end up having to double back waste a total of 812,500 gallons of petrol per year, a cost they have to shoulder on top of car insurance and tax.

A study by a sat-nav firm found that up to two-thirds of drivers in the UK take ten wrong turns a year.

These add up to 325 million useless miles, or miles which get the motorists no closer to their destination.

London drivers were revealed to be the worst, driving 26 million miles retracing their step or still convinced that they are right.

People from the north, on the other hand, make far fewer mistakes, with only 14 per cent admitting to taking a wrong turn.

With fuel prices tending to get more expensive, every extra mile represents an extra cost as well as a bigger carbon footprint.

One way of keeping costs down is by taking out cheap car insurance.

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