Car insurance: Bugatti written off

Tuesday, 03 July 2007

A man who crashed the fastest roadcar in the world was given a £400 fine, though if his car insurance covers the car it could have to pay out six figures.

Ajay Soni, who was driving his brother's Bugatti Veyron accelerated on an accident blackspot in Shepperton in wet conditions in March and lost control of the car.

The Veyron, a limited edition car, collided with a Vauxhall Astra coming in the other direction and both cars went into a spin.

Mr Soni admitted he was driving too quickly.

His lawyer, Anthony Wilcken, said: "He accepts he accelerated far too quickly for the road conditions."

He added: "There was some standing water on the road and the weather was described as atrocious with lots of spray and the visibility was very poor."

Nobody was hurt in the accident but Mr Soni's motor insurance premiums are set to rise as he was given nine points on his driving licence.

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