Motor insurance: Camera system 'to be rejigged'

Friday, 02 February 2007

The Department for Transport yesterday confirmed that the National Safety Camera Programme will be axed by the beginning of March.

The partnerships, which are made up of police and local authorities which run the camera networks and collect the subsequent fines from motorists, will end as we know them with responsibility handed over to local councils.

Campaigners say that this will lead to cuts in the funding for cameras.

Paul Smith, founder of Safe Speed which campaigns for higher speed limits, said: "The new funding arrangements will lead to substantial and ongoing cuts in the speed camera programme."

He explained that this is because the funding grants are not ring fenced for speed cameras and other road safety initiatives will make increasing demands on the capped funds.

Meanwhile, motorists who use illegal detectors for finding out where the Gatso cameras are are to face penalty points on their license and a fine, which could effect the cost of their car insurance premium.

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