Car insurance: Motorists must be convinced cameras are focused on safety

Wednesday, 05 August 2009

Until more people are convinced that speed cameras are there to prevent accidents and subsequent car insurance claims - rather than as a means to generate revenue - they are likely to be resented by a significant number of individuals, it has been suggested.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) made this claim after a new survey showed support for this type of surveillance has fallen from 92 per cent to 75 per cent over the past decade.

According to the group, although approval for such monitoring techniques has dropped, generally drivers are happy with the traffic control devices.

However, director of research and policy Neil Greig said there is still a common perception among some motorists that the main purpose of speed cameras is to raise cash.

"Until that link is broken it will remain very difficult to convince all drivers that safety cameras really do deliver fewer deaths and serious injuries," he stated.

In other news, which may be of interest to those keen to protect their cheap car insurance premiums, IAM recently urged motorists to keep their autos tidy.

The organisation explained items of rubbish could become lodged under the brake pedal and cause an accident.

Written by Noel Martin

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