Car insurance: Pair drop 50ft from cliff

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

A car has dropped off a 50 foot cliff but its owners survived the incident, it has been revealed.

The incident occurred at Castle Drive in Falmouth, during which the Renault Clio drove through a fence, went over the cliff and then landed on its roof, reports the Cornishman.

When the car came to a standstill, the female driver managed to crawl away, but a male had to be cut from the wrecked car.

A local ice cream man, 57-year-old John Gibb, stated that he and another passer by attempted to help but the authorities had already arrived.

He told the Daily Mirror: "Me and another man ran to see if we could help. He tried to scramble down - but couldn't make it ... by then the emergency services had arrived. But it was horrible watching him being cut free."

Police stated that they are still trying to get information about the incident and urged witnesses to contact them.

Drivers should ensure that they have adequate car insurance in place before using their vehicles.

A local coastguard, Ken Bazeley, told the BBC that it was lucky access to the scene was available via a local path.

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