Car insurance speed limit 'fantasy'

Wednesday, 05 October 2011

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Plans to increase the speed limit on motorways for car insurance policyholders are based on "fantasy economics".

That is the verdict of Sustrans, which believes raising the limit to 80mph would not save as much money as the government believes.

Acting policy director Jason Torrance has claimed that saving five minutes from journey times will not make people more productive.

Mr Torrance explained: "We urgently need the government to tackle the financial pressures that many people are facing in this country rather than penalising car drivers by suggesting that they use more fuel."

The charity also thinks that faster speeds will hit people in the pocket, as motorists may be inclined to use up more fuel.

Road safety charity Brake has described the proposals as "shameful", suggesting that it could lead to many more motor insurance claims from a higher number of accidents.

It says slower speeds should be encouraged to help drivers steer clear of potentially costly collisions.

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