Car insurance: Motorists not servicing vehicles

Tuesday, 09 December 2008

Motorists could be risking a breakdown - and possibly even a car insurance claim - by failing to maintain their vehicles properly, it has been suggested.

Car Parts Direct said increasing numbers of drivers are skimping when it comes to paying out for basic checks.

Research by the company revealed 36 per cent of owners had not serviced their vehicles within the recommended time schedule.

The firm warned this could lead to higher incidences of breakdowns and - depending on where a car part failed - could cause an accident and result in a motor insurance claim.

Mark Cornwall from Car Parts Direct said: "Motorists are working on the assumption that if their car is not broken why fix it."

However, he stated: "Most major repairs and breakdowns happen because basic checks and maintenance are ignored."

Meanwhile, Car Parts Direct recently reported drivers were starting to keep vehicles for longer and carrying out repairs themselves, as a result of the credit crunch.

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