Motor insurance: Car theft in west Cheshire on the rise

Monday, 04 February 2008

Residents in west Cheshire may want to ensure that they have sufficient car insurance following a recent spate of car thefts.

Several car owners have fallen victim to the growing trend of 'hook and cane' thefts, according to reports in the Chester Evening Leader. This involves a rod with a hooked end being pushed through a letterbox and used to pick up car keys in open view.

Local police have warned residents to ensure that their keys are in a safe place hidden from view.

Detective Sergeant Steve Holliwell of Cheshire Constabulary's pro-active policing team, told the Leader: "The safest method of storage is to keep keys in a box or other method of storage well out of the line of sight of prying eyes".

The 2005- 06 British Crime Survey revealed that around 40 per cent of car theft took place on the street outside the owner's home. The Home Office's 2006 Car Theft Index also said that older cars are at the highest risk of being stolen, especially those over nine years old.

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