Motor insurance: Put cars in garages

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Police in Cheshire have been advising drivers to assess what they keep in their garage in an effort to reduce theft and reduce their chances of having to make a motor insurance claim.

Following a spate of car thefts, Inspector Mark Gammage of Congleton Neighbourhood Policing Unit suggested car owners consider what it is they keep in their garage.

He asked This Is Cheshire website: "Is it your car, worth thousands of pounds, or is it a load of empty paint tins and some old bikes which aren't used any more, while the car stands out on the driveway?"

Cars left on a driveway overnight are more likely to have products stolen from them he added.

However, not everybody has a garage, but everybody can take steps to reduce their chances of having their cars broken in to.

Removing valuables, particularly highly coveted satellite navigation devices can cut down the appeal for a thief of breaking into a car.

If thieves are less tempted to steal from a vehicle, its owner is less likely to have to make a car insurance claim.

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