Cars of the Future: The Car Insurance Verdict

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Ambitious car manufacturers love to think up quirky and optimistic car designs, but tend to forget a number of practicalities. Here are a few speculative car insurance quotes for some of the more out-there futuristic concepts to have been featured in the LA Auto Show Design competition over the last few years.

“Biome” - Mercedes Benz

This truly is a car of the future, with a very impressive design and a “year 3000” feel. The most unusual aspect, though, is what the Biome could be made from - Mercedes have suggested building the car from specially grown, organic 'BioFibre', with the pulp used to make environmentally friendly panels. At the end of the car's 'life cycle', it would be able to decompose naturally into compost. Whilst it certainly sounds like a fine idea, we fear that replacement parts from the specialist laboratory would be a bit on the pricey side.

Insurance quote: Steep

“Maybach DRS” - Mercedes Benz

No doubt much to the dismay of rickshaw operators everywhere, the Mercedes creative team have come up with the Maybach DRS concept, which combines a small chassis with two large central wheels on either side, suitable for a single traveller. Did we mention that it’s see-through? Whilst the DRS certainly looks neat, we're not quite sure how it would fare in the event of a side-on collision...

Insurance quote: Pricey

“Parkour” - Smart

If you thought Smart cars were the ultimate in city driving, think again. The 2011 Parkour concept car turns this compact wonder into an all-action machine, with the ability to climb walls and hover above obstacles, whilst also fitting into the tightest parking spaces available. It’s environmentally friendly, very robust and capable of escaping from tricky situations - all good points from a car insurance perspective!

Insurance quote: Affordable

“Horizon” - Subaru

Have you ever wanted a super-fast car, capable of reaching top speeds of hundreds of miles an hour? Well, this is exactly what the Horizon concept from Subaru offers. Even better, it has the ability to withstand everything from electromagnetic pulses to chemical attacks, extreme heat and raging storms. Whilst we love the safety elements, the risk of high-speed collisions is still quite a concern, however...

Insurance quote: Steep

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