Car insurance: More children going to school in taxis

Monday, 25 September 2006

Reports show a 15 per cent rise in the amount of school runs done by taxis this year in the UK.

The increase is attributed to soaring petrol prices, school bus bullying and new green taxes on four-wheel drive vehicles according to a survey of 100 taxi firms.

Andrea Winders, the manager of women's taxi company Pink Ladies, said: "Working parents are finding that braving the school run rush hour and then going to work is too much to bear."

Rises in taxi usage for school runs is also a result of wealthy parents wanting their children to go to better-rated schools, which can often be further away than local schools.

However, taxi runs can get pricey when costs mount up, especially when you consider that each week requires ten school runs.

The solution to saving money and allowing mums and dads to drop their kids off at school themselves could be to shop around and compare car insurance

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