Christmas present theft risk

Monday, 24 December 2012

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Homes will be full of presents during the festive period and thieves may see it as an opportunity to target homes.

However, contents insurance policyholders can take some measures to discourage burglars from breaking in and stealing items, with Warwickshire Police giving out a number of tips to residents.

It has advised homeowners to keep presents out of sight until the last moment on Christmas Eve. If residents feel they need to have them out, they should not be visible from external doors or windows so those passing by the house cannot see them.

As well as this, presents should not be placed outside in a shed or garage and people should keep receipts and instruction manuals elsewhere.

By doing this, they will have evidence for what was taken if someone does steal anything.

Another key consideration is how to dispose of packaging, with the police force advising people to carefully remove it from properties, as any boxes left outside will indicate that the presents are indoors.

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