Motor insurance: City vandal scourge

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Inner city folk are at more risk of car vandals, highlights one report today.

An insurance company has researched the levels of car vandalism across the country and come to the conclusion that urban areas are worst for damage.

David Ross from the firm explained why: "If you live in the centre of Birmingham or Glasgow then apart from the fact that there are more cars and that you are more likely to have an accident, there are also more people to steal from you or damage your vehicle.

"In the countryside these occurrences do not happen as often."

Therefore claims from urbanites are higher than those from the country.

Owners of cheap car insurance should be warned that car vandalism is rarely retrievable from a third party and so it will affect their premiums.

Niki Bolton from another insurance firm said: "The research showed that few victims of vandalism would contact the police to try to track down the perpetrators - and even if caught it is unlikely that they would have the funds available to repay damage costs anyway."

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