Travel insurance: Britons urged to stow expenses away properly on holiday

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

British drivers should pack their belongings as best as possible when they set off for their holiday to avoid unnecessary costs and expenses, experts have advised.

A well-organised luggage compartment will make the journey more efficient and keep all passengers happy, although taking out travel insurance to cover an expensive items is also wise, if travelling abroad.

"If you're facing a lengthy drive to your holiday destination, excitement can turn sour when the children aren't just asking 'are we there yet' but are also fighting for space with cases, toys and snacks," said Daniel McCarthy, commercial director for Avis UK.

Other advice from Avis for long car journeys was to rest as often as possible while on the road, to avoid fatigue and distraction that could lead to accidents, especially if driving on unfamiliar roads on the continent.

Pulling over to allow for the younger occupants to stretch their legs and for refreshment is also recommended.

A box of emergency supplies with snacks and drinks, as well as not giving children too many fizzy drinks and greasy foods will help in avoiding occurrences of sickness and illness during journeys in the summer heat, the car rental company advised.

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