Motor insurance: Call for cameras after crash

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Local residents have asked for speed cameras to be introduced in Little Stukeley, Cambridgeshire, after a car crashed there this week.

A Range Rover hit a wall, causing bricks to fall, as a result of a collision with a Ford Fiesta in Ermine Street, the Hunts Post reported.

Drivers should be told that the limit is to be changed in the area, argued 34-year-old Diane Bartlett, who resides on the street.

She said that her young son regularly plays at the spot where the vehicle struck the wall and he could have been hurt had the family been at home.

"I am worried about this as is every resident. I have stood and remonstrated with drivers as they speed past but all you get are gestures and phrases you would not want to print. We need a speed camera at the bottom of the dip," she told the publication.

Witness Diane Gee, 65, added that she has been an ardent campaigner in the attempt to get the police to impose stricter penalties on speeding drivers.

In related news, it was revealed by the Department for Transport this week that more than £100 million was gleaned from speed cameras in 2006-07.

Motorists found to be breaking the law may find that their motor insurance premiums are impacted upon.

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