Car insurance customers' DDST boost

Monday, 20 December 2010

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The House of Commons has voted in favour of a bill which could reduce the number of car insurance claims.

The Daylight Savings Bill will now go to a committee stage, where it will be assessed further by the government.

If the bill is approved, it would mean that a review would take place to discover what benefits would be gained by putting the clocks forward one hour in winter and two in the summer season.

A supporter of the bill, Dr Mayer Hillman said: "Advancing the clocks by an hour, in real terms, would bring a further fifty hours of 'available' sunshine for children and seventy-five hours for adults."

Once the review is completed, the government could then choose to commission a three-year trial of the scheme.

Meanwhile, experts have estimated that an extra hour of evening daylight would save roughly 80 lives and prevent at least 200 serious injuries on our roads each year, according to the Department for Transport.

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