Dangerous driving law change supported, says IAM

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Almost all motorists think that "causing serious injury by dangerous driving" is a good idea for a potential road-based offence, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The introduction of the offence is being planned, and 94 per cent of car insurance holders and other road users apparently support it, while just six per cent are against it, according to an IAM survey.

Meanwhile, 53 per cent of motorists are of the opinion that drivers should be sentenced by taking purely their actual offence into account, compared to 44 per cent who think the offence's outcome should form a sentence's basis.

The IAM explains that, at the moment, reckless driving which results in someone being badly hurt can attract a dangerous driving charge. The bad injuries themselves are not taken into consideration.

The "causing serious injury" law is set to give more stringent punishments when dangerous driving results in injuries that alter the victim's life.

"People want to see tougher penalties to deal with situations where the victim of a road accident is seriously injured. But the government needs to ensure that punishments for dangerous driving accurately reflect the severity of the offences committed," commented Simon Best of the IAM.

The IAM recently reported that the amount of vehicles in the UK has gone up a lot since Queen Elizabeth was crowned. Back then there were four million, now there are some 34 million.

Posted by Noel Martin.

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