Motor insurance: Speed cameras 'were used legally'

Wednesday, 09 July 2008

Measures undertaken in one area of Dorset to crack down on dangerous drivers were not against the law, according to the company that undertook them, which might influence motor insurance premiums.

Solicitor James Bowie had claimed that convictions related to the speed cameras on the A35 may be unsafe because warning signs were not positioned correctly, reports the Dorset Echo.

But the Dorset Safety Camera Partnership argued that the enforcement adhered to regulations and those snapped were done so correctly.

Johnny Stephens, head of fixed penalties at the body, told the publication that after consultation all avenues were dealt with.

"We have held discussions with the Crown Prosecution Service over this issue. We are satisfied that the enforcement operation complied with the legal requirements," he commented.

Mr Bowie has said that speed signs informing drivers of the temporary limit on the Tolpuddle bypass were 350 yards west of a bridge on the road - not far away enough for motorists to alter their speed.

Officers in the Matlock area have this week released a list of new speed cameras in operation.

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