Motor insurance: Drink drivers 'a growing threat'

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Drink drivers continue to be a threat to themselves and others on British roads, a European body has revealed.

Research by the European Transport Safety Council shows that deaths related to drink driving are increasing in relation to other road deaths, a sign that drink driving is still a very serious problem in the UK.

Drivers who drink before taking the wheel are taking unnecessary risks. Not only do they put their own wellbeing at risk, but they also threaten other road users.

Should they cause an accident, drink drivers lose the right to car insurance cover and payout.

Experts point out that drivers who drink are also more likely to be involved in accidents as their reaction times are slower, and so will not stop in time.

The lapse in judgement and the slow reaction times can lead to prangs that can raise motor insurance premiums.

Great Britain was one of five EU countries found to have had an increase in drink driving related deaths.

Meanwhile, the UN Global Road Safety week, fronted by Michael Schumacher, is trying to raise awareness of the dangers of the road.

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