Drivers cause risks on mini roundabouts

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Drivers across the UK are causing additional problems and increasing risks on the roads by failing to pay heed to mini roundabouts and treat them as they should be.

Calderdale Council has undertaken research through its road safety unit, and has discovered that a worrying number of car insurance policyholders are not signalling when approaching the roundabouts, and are merely driving over them rather than around them.

The council monitors 3,000 drivers per month, and reported that 36 per cent of drivers do not signal at mini roundabouts, while 61 per cent just ignore them completely.

Earlier this month, GEM Motoring Assist said that many drivers were putting other road users at risk by using mobile phones whilst they are on the road, despite an increase in the number who are prosecuted for doing so.

Calderdale Council’s deputy road safety officer, Kate Marsh told the Brighouse Echo: "Driving over rather than around mini-roundabouts often results in drivers ending up on the opposite carriageway, which puts road users in danger."

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