Drivers set to benefit from new tyre rules

Thursday, 08 November 2012

The new legislation affecting tyres in the EU will benefit every type of motorist by expanding the choice available and boosting safety across the continent, it has been claimed.

Michael Welch, chief executive of Black Circles, made the comments after the EU brought in three new criteria for tyres.

Under the legislation, each brand and model of tyre is rated from A to G, similar to the way white goods are classified, with each score covering wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise across the various brands.

As Mr Welch explained: "What this will mean for customers, more importantly than anyone else, is that they are going to be more ably briefed and will have the details at their disposal, instead of going into a garage and being sold what the guy behind the counter feels is the best fit for you."

He said it is a "fantastic thing" for car insurance holders, who will not only have more choice at their disposal, but greater quality at a reduced price.

"We've done our own bit of research across the brands, and there are probably two or three brands that have dominated the market and have got that market share on the basis of their marketing," Mr Welch said.

However, now that the credentials of the product are being rated it is given more transparency and will enable customers to make a more informed decision about what product is best for them.

In some instances, motor insurance customers can be saving 50 or 60 per cent by changing their decision about which tyres to choose – which Mr Welch described as "a huge draw".

"There are [around] 28 tyre brands, and that number is growing - but the big high street retailers probably will stock only three of four," he said.

However, customers can go online before they embark on the purchase process and have a look at what products in the market best suit them.

The expert concluded: "That not only opens up the market for brands for customers, but opens up the retail marketplace as well. People will start making their decisions about where they buy tyres based on who's got it in stock."

Posted by Noel Martin.

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