Car insurance: Drivers urged to hide keys

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Drivers keen to protect their cheap car insurance premiums may be well advised to think twice before leaving vehicle keys where they can be seen by prying eyes, if the comments of one manufacturer are anything to go by.

Vauxhall has announced it is teaming up with Bedfordshire Police to remind motorists about this important aspect of auto security.

The carmaker explained it was keen to get involved with this project after conducting research that suggested drivers might be making their vehicles an easy target for thieves.

Its poll found 99 per cent of auto owners do not bother to hide their car keys when they get home.

The survey found 52 per cent of motorists were more worried about protecting their laptops from thieves, 18 per cent prioritised keeping their TVs safe and 15 per cent were most concerned about how secure their jewellery was.

Last year, some £39.5 million worth of vehicles were stolen as a result of house burglaries.

Meanwhile, drivers who hide their car keys may find they are in a better position to build up an impressive no-claims bonus on their motor insurance policy.

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