Car insurance: Eco-driving can help to save money

Monday, 03 November 2008

Adopting eco-driving habits can help to save money on fuel costs for car insurance customers, it was asserted today.

Driving Standards Agency assistant chief driving examiner Bob Millard said the main incentives for doing this were also the reduction of stress behind the wheel and less wear and tear of the car.

Eco-driving habits can include aspects such as avoiding heavy breaking and acceleration, as well as turning the engine off should the vehicle be stuck in traffic.

And because hazard perception is a big part of these techniques, it is likely to lead to less fuel being used and a safer journey, Mr Millard explained.

The Energy Saving Trust also recommends changing up a gear before the car reaches 2,500rpm (2,000 in diesel engines).

The news could be ideal for car insurance customers who want to get back into good habits and also potentially reduce their outgoings.

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