Motor insurance: More flashing signs for Edinburgh

Friday, 09 May 2008

Proposals to place a greater number of signs that urge drivers to check their speed in Edinburgh have been given the green light by councillors.

While six of the items are already being used in the city where there is a high risk of accidents, this will rise to 12 in the next year after the changes, reports the Edinburgh Evening News.

A list will be developed by the city council as a way to assess the areas that are more in need of the electronic notices.

Such warnings are most probably going to be placed on roads that have a speed limit of 30mph, where other measures are difficult to install.

On top of the signs stipulated, an extra 13 are in place at locations where mobile speed cameras are situated.

Recently, locals in Cleveland claimed that signs were only placed after a camera on the A66 and therefore they were not breaking the law because they were inside the speed limit when captured.

Drivers found to be speeding may see their motor insurance premiums negatively impacted on.

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