Expert wallpaper advice for 2013

Tuesday, 08 January 2013

As we move into 2013 some home insurance holders may be considering a revamp to the interior of their home.

Well, we’ve got just the thing to help make sure you keep up that particular New Year’s resolution: some advice from wallpaper expert Melanie Adams.

Ms Adams, who works for Wallpaper Direct, has said that when people pick out wallpaper this item says something about them. It also mirrors the lifestyle they enjoy. So it sounds as if it’s important to opt for the perfect paper!

How about minimalist, linear options? According to Ms Adams, these are favoured by those that make “architectural” choices for their homes.

Nature lovers, on the other hand, will often go for floral designs, complimenting the flowers found elsewhere in their homes.

"There are some great sketch wallpapers with pictorial effects and scenes of things like London which is great,” added Ms Adams.

And it seems that the shade of a wallpaper is often the first thing people think about, with colour considerations a good way to begin your search. 

“Choosing something is not easy but I think that you usually gravitate first towards colour. You know the colours you like, and that is a very good starting point.”

Meanwhile, wallpapering is the sort of job that people shouldn’t get scared of attempting as a DIY project.

"If you are looking to do some wallpapering don't be frightened of having a go and putting some up yourself. DIY is not that complicated and you can save some money if you do it yourself," said Ms Adams.

Earlier in 2012, director Sara Corker from Sara Corker Designs was telling people with big living rooms to consider patterned styles of wallpaper.

"If you have a large sitting room, it can - if you are not careful - look like a dance hall with all the furniture spread around the edges,” she said.

“In order to create a cosy look in a large space, think about using large, patterned wallpaper - this will make the room look smaller, be brave.”

“Use warmer, bolder and darker as colours they will advance towards you and make the room feel smaller.”

Posted by Noel Martin. 

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