Travel and Car News February 2013

  • Flying Cars: An Imminent Reality? 11 February 2013 looks at whether flying cars could soon become a reality and the possible implications for the car insurance market.
  • Unbelievable Car Insurance Claims From Around The World 13 February 2013 We've been doing some reading to compare some of the out of the ordinary car insurance claims from around the world.
  • Top Apps For Drivers 16 February 2013 takes a look at some of the apps available which could help drivers locate their car and keep a track of petrol usage.
  • Insuring the Batmobile - a Rough Estimate 18 February 2013 looks at how much car insurance could cost for some of the most iconic fictional cars.
  • Best New Car Tech in 2013 20 February 2013 take a look at some of the top car technology innovations we could expect to see on the roads in 2013.
  • Pothole Crisis on UK Roads 22 February 2013 The persistent rainfall and flooding over the past year led many roads to become saturated and puddle-ridden, making existing surface unevenness even worse and accelerating the appearance of new...
  • The MIB Helps to Uncover Car Insurance Fraud 24 February 2013 The MIB has helped to secure a major insurance fraud conviction after a suspicious increase in complaints from motorists who had been duped by fraudulent car insurance policies.
  • Internet Cars to be the Norm by 2014? 25 February 2013 Industry analysts have suggested that cars connected to the internet and packed with useful apps could be the norm by next year. Information company IHS has predicted that all new big brand cars in...
  • Self-Driving Cars: Coming to a Showroom Near you? 27 February 2013 Oxford University scientists have begun testing a new self-driving car system, capable of dealing with all types of weather conditions and eventually costing just £100.

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