Car insurance: Women 'flirt to avoid punishment'

Monday, 04 August 2008

Female motorists in the UK may chat up and flirt with traffic officials in order to avoid a road conviction which could invalidate their car insurance policy.

This is according to YouGov research, which questioned 2,181 women and found that younger drivers were more likely to use this method as a means of escaping trouble.

It added that 25 per cent of female motorists in Yorkshire admitted that they would act in such a manner if it meant skipping punishment, while seven per cent of London motorists claimed they already had.

Motorists who behave in such a manner could find that they save on their motor insurance policies as a result, as cover firms could give them cheaper deals if they see them as a smaller road risk.

This comes as the Grantham Journal has reported that 15-year-old female driver Louise Richardson is the top junior female racer in the country.

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