Following fashion with a wood floor for 2013

Monday, 28 January 2013

The New Year represents the perfect opportunity to overhaul your home. As long as you have managed not to clear all your funds in December, you could happily take a leaf out of the book of January dieters and give your home a fresh look.

Why not start with the part of a room that takes up a huge amount of its surface area – the floor?

These parts of the house can be kept in the same state for years and years – and when it comes to carpet, this can mean that things become dingy and discoloured. But if you swap carpets for wood, you'll evoke a wonderful January transformation. 

Of course, as with any area of interior design, some home insurance holders will be desperate to keep abreast of fashion in the floor department.

A trio of trends are underway when it comes to wood at present, according to the National Wood Flooring Association's Anita Howard. Will you go for the wide-board look, the antique look or the dark look?

For the latter option, walnut and other dark types of wood are the order of the day.

"The trend now is to select the flooring based on the wood's natural colour and to finish it with a clear finish," explained Ms Howard.

You could cut back on cash and time by going for this sort of wood, rather than stained options, because of the time-cost involved in staining.

The antique look sees fresh wood made to look like it's been around for longer, meanwhile. 

"Reclaimed wood is the catalyst for this trend, but as reclaimed wood is in limited supply and can be quite expensive, distressing is a means by which the look can be accomplished more economically," said the expert.

Great for a casual setting or a more formal environment, such a floor won't show any accidental marks as easily as some other styles, so people with pets and kids might want to consider it.

Finally floor fans, meet the wide style: "These are boards that measure three inches wide and wider. Some are now as wide a foot and the trend is to mix planks of varying widths throughout the room," said Ms Howard.

Published by Noel Martin.

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