Car insurance: Free OAP driving lessons mooted

Friday, 16 June 2006

More local councils should introduce free driving lessons for elderly motorists so they can sharpen up their driving skills, according to road safety experts.

Several councils in Wales have already trialled a system of free courses to bring elderly drivers back up to speed, as many are driving in a very different world to the one they learnt in.

Steve Baker, road safety officer for Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (Rospa), Wales, told the Western Mail the plan had been successful.

"The existing courses in Wales for older drivers have been very successful, and I'd hope to see them becoming more widespread," he said.

"Older drivers are a group which tend to be more vulnerable to accidents. The more we can do to train them then the more we can reduce accidents. More local authorities are looking at these courses now."

Older drivers who have accidents are more likely to find themselves with higher car insurance costs as a result – meaning there is even more of an incentive for them to retake their tests.

Those who do may well find they can get a car insurance quote online much cheaper than before.

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