Fuel is This Year's Biggest Cost Concern for Motorists

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

According to the latest figures, the majority of British drivers still consider the price of fuel to be their biggest worry: despite George Osborne freezing fuel duty again at this year’s budget.

A recent survey by British Car Auctions (BCA) found that a whopping 70% of drivers in Britain feel that adding fuel is their biggest motoring cost, and as a result their biggest concern. Other worries, such as the cost of road tax and vehicle maintenance, paled in comparison; as did the need to find free places to park.

The figure hasn’t changed since 2013, despite reports from industry experts which show that fuel prices have been steadily dropping over the past 12 months. In fact, fuel prices are currently 2p cheaper than they were at the start of 2013. Tim Naylor, a BCA spokesperson, believes it’s a simple case of too little, too late.

Speaking to the press, he said: "the reality is that fuel prices today are still much higher than they were just a few years ago – and for many motorists it’s hard to forget when unleaded was under £1 a litre.” It’s worth noting that between 2010 and 2013, petrol and diesel prices increased by a massive 22p per litre: a rise that is still felt today.

BCA's research went on to show that a fifth of motorists believe that fuel retailers are to blame for not passing savings onto their customers. However, a quarter of motorists feel that the government isn’t doing enough to tackle the cost of motoring, and should be doing more to ensure fuel prices remain stable.

But is the perceived rise in motoring costs having any real world impact? According to the BCA, yes. More than half of the people surveyed have considered trading in their current car for a more fuel efficient model, while others have claimed that they’ll stop driving altogether if motoring costs continue to increase.


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