Future Car Trends: Ones to Watch

Monday, 09 September 2013

Flying cars may not be (literally) on the horizon quite yet, but that doesn’t make the future of motoring any less exciting. Based on current technological developments and projects, it’s very possible that within the next 10 years the average mass market car will have some of the following features - here are a few to get excited about:

Internet connection

According to this year's Connected Cars Report, 9 out of 10 cars will be connected to the internet by 2020. How this will be implemented by the car industry still remains a mystery, though it’s possible that the car could act as its own black box, recording speed and the times of day that you drive - data that could potentially be relayed to authorities like the DVLA, as well as car insurance providers.


There’s nothing more frustrating than the red engine light appearing, as it often means a visit to the mechanic and a hefty bill. Thankfully, there’s an app for that: Dash Labs has developed an application which takes information from your car's on-board diagnostics system and sends convenient reports to your smartphone, warning you about any mechanical issues. In the future, we may start to see similar integrated apps coming as standard on internet-connected vehicles.

Accident prevention

The big car manufacturers are all racing Google to be the first to launch a viable, mass market, driverless car, but some of the technology could be arriving on our roads sooner than expected. Collision warning technology uses radar and camera sensors to alert drivers to impending dangers on the road. Luxury car brands are already experimenting with the technology, and it should be available in more affordable models soon.

Targeted advertising

Connected cars mean more opportunities for advertisers, and it’s very likely that the car of the future will be able to serve targeted adverts to its passengers. For example, drivers passing McDonald’s every day may pick up adverts relating to the restaurant’s latest offers. Drivers on a long road trip may receive adverts for hotels nearby - and such a system may even be able to pick up on listening habits, and advertise relevant new music.

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