Travel insurance: Check whether your gifts are covered

Thursday, 14 December 2006

Travelling Brits who rely on their travel insurance to cover their Christmas gifts may find they are not covered for the total value of the presents, according to a new report.

One insurance company has said that not all travel policies include personal possessions cover so if you are planning to haul lots of gifts with you when going on holiday, then you may need to check the small print of your policy.

Gerry Barrett, from the company, said: "Most travel insurance has policy limits for possessions which means you if it's lost or stolen, your claim could fall short of the value of your losses."

He said that sometimes personal possessions are included under home insurance so if valuable items, such as iPods or cameras, are stolen then all may not be lost.

Mr Barrett added that "it's likely that your home insurance will provide much more comprehensive cover than your travel insurance" for these sorts of items.

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