Google's Driverless Car to be a Road Reality By 2020?

Wednesday, 03 July 2013

The Google 'driverless car' project is busy developing the technology that could lead to autonomous vehicles appearing on our roads as soon as 2020. Handing the reins - or in this case, the wheel - to a computer might sound like an outlandish sci-fi concept, but it could in fact be the very real future of motoring.

The idea appears to be gradually gathering steam and finding favour with the public, too - with a reported 25% of the US driving population 'interested in a driverless car if and when the technology is deemed safe enough'. With that in mind, here's a look at some of the possible benefits of automated driving:

Improved road conditions

Say goodbye to excess road signs and the stress of finding your way around a new town. Driverless cars are likely to pick up all that information electronically, taking the strain and removing human error from the equation - potentially making traffic flow more easily as a result.


With a few notable exceptions, the layout of the car hasn’t changed much since its invention. But with self-driven cars there's the potential to throw out the rule book. Given that the driver's input is no longer essential, manufacturers may be able to dispense with the traditional forward-facing cabin design and install more comfortable seating and entertainment systems.


Most significantly, the development of 'driverless' vehicle technology could mean that blind, partially sighted and disabled people will be able to operate these cars with relative ease.


The stress of finding a suitable parking space in the city could become a thing of the past. Theoretically, a driverless car of the future may be able to drive itself to a parking space, to return when requested via a remote control key.

Of course, driverless cars aren’t that much of a leap of imagination – cruise control has been around for years and the self-parking system is becoming a familiar feature on new cars. For now though, driving is very much a hands-on experience and car insurance should remain a top priority for drivers. To find out whether you could save on your car insurance with Swiftcover, request a quote online any time.

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