Travel insurance: Government 'to stamp down on cheap flights'

Tuesday, 05 December 2006

Chancellor Gordon Brown is tomorrow expected to come down heavy on cheap air travel as he announces his pre-budget report.

The anti-aviation group Plane Stupid says that airport expansion is the fastest growing source of carbon emissions in this country.

Joss Garmain, campaigner for Plane Stupid, said: "The Government needs a fundamental rethink of its air transport policy. Anyone who isn't entirely scientifically illiterate can see that expanding airports and curbing emissions are incompatible aims.

"The Government needs to scrap its expansion plans and end the most unnecessary, short haul flights."

Gordon Brown is expected to double Air Passenger Duty tomorrow after a five year freeze.

This will make travelling on aeroplanes a little more costly although shopping around online for cheap travel insurance may save you some pennies.

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